Creating A Content Rich Website

Building a content rich website is essential for your online success. A content rich website can generate more traffic and leads. High quality content is also an essential part of your long term SEO strategy. Having a content-rich website boosts qualified traffic counts and inspires a greater lead generation.

But whether you’re thinking of turning your site into a more content-based design or starting from scratch, there are 5 important steps you need to take.

  1. Plan

If you want your website to move from a brochure-style static promotion of your products and services to a dynamic, content-based experience, the first thing you need is a plan. With every piece of content you create (whether it’s a blog post, an ebook, a webinar, etc.), make sure what you write is targeted to the right audience.

Typically, your audience is defined by both the customers you currently have and the type of clients you want. Your current clientele can, therefore, be mostly 20 to 25 years old and women, while you can start attracting more men or women to an older group.

  1. Choose your platform

As said earlier, the introduction of a content-rich blog or website may require redesign. Design changes can be small or large, which means that you want to use a strong Content Management System (CMS) when it comes to downloading content all the time. An unstable or difficult CMS will only make it annoying to set up your articles. A bad CMS also affects the ease and difficulty of uploading calls to action and creating your landing pages/offer forms. If you’re looking for a blog-friendly CMS, it’s hard to go beyond WordPress, which remains one of the most popular and easy-to-use CMSs.

  1. Write

With your plan and platform completely crystallized, it’s all about getting your content out there. Yes, there is also the possibility to overhaul your website (it all depends on your goals), but we focus only on the content in this article.

Your plan should include a detailed schedule of how often you should create articles and make offers. You should keep to this schedule as close as possible because regular content creation scheme contributes to success. People will be more willing to visit a website regularly, knowing that the content is constantly updated.

  1. Offers

The importance of creating introductory offers for your website is definitely worth stressing. Although your blog helps to generate qualified traffic to your site, promotional offers can help you tremendously increase the number of leads generated. Offers can range from e-books and white papers to webinars and demonstrations of products and services… or even a special promo code. They can be free, discounted or samples.

  1. Analyze

With content marketing, it is important to be able to see what content resonates with your audience and what content does not match. Once you have set up your new (or renewed) content-rich site, you need to do some type of analysis, whether it’s using Google Analytics or your content management system. This, of course, depends entirely on the CMS itself. By analyzing your statistics, you can then evaluate where your content is working and where it may need to be further improved.

Nothing works without improvement and your content-rich website is no different.

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